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Product Reviews - by Coach Ireland Carbrido (HEAD COACH Club STIGA Central)
STIGA DNA PRO H Rubber + STIGA Ebenholz V Blade

I tested this rubber with Stiga Ebenholz 5. I found it very fast and steady. The ball dwell very well. Forehand Loop against Back Spin is easier. Probably, the pores sponge contributed a lot for good feeling. Forehand counter looping against top spin much ever better because of catapult effect. The trajectory is very good and kick effect is stronger. I can produce more quality of spin and speed. But when it comes push return hard to make it deeper and quality short push is difficult. You need to practice a lot of that shot to get adopted with this rubber. When it comes to service, its ok just like other German or Japanese rubber. Of course, Tacky and Hard rubber can produce more quality spin and height during serve.

I also tried it with Stiga Offensive Classic CR. I like it a lot. For me, it is even better for my style of play. The ball dwell longer. The feeling is superb. It created nice sound maybe because of softer blade. Forehand loop against back spin and top spin is much easier. Counter looping you can produce good arc. I think the design of sponge is for that strong kick effect. Forehand Smashing against high ball (lob) awesome speed and feeling. I also used it for Back hand (RPB) is also very good. I can produce strong rallies. But I don’t prefer fast rubber to my back hand because I don’t compromise spin and control over speed. Overall Stiga DNA Pro H is an excellent rubber. Its good for strong offensive player.


Compare to DNA PRO H, DNA PRO M is less speed but good on control and ball feeling is very good. Banana flick it give more dwell time and kick is better. Push stroke is easier than DNA H. Blocking against strong loop is easy to control and redirect the placement. Looping against back spin is easy. Catapult effect is more direct. I prefer DNA PRO M to my Back Hand (RPB). I tried it with Stiga Ebenholz 5 its ok. But I prefer the Stiga offensive Classic CR.