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Karate Soft Turbo

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Factory tuned. This new rubber is specially designed for VOC-free glue and 40+ New ball. Thanks to the technology of Trampoline Tension and Gecko Absorption invented by Giant Dragon. With an appreciable improvement of speed and spin, it's not only suitable for the top players in the world, but also feasible for enhancing the skill of the beginners and secondary players.

3M Technology for the 40+ plastic ball
> More spin

> More speed

> More tension

Gecko Adsorption Technology

Due to the Gecko Adsoprpyion Technology applied to the rubber surface,lots of mini osculum forms on

The rubber surface ,like gecko adsorption feature .it can retain the ball on the rubber for longer.You can

Control the speed and spin of the ball freely.

Trampoline Tension Technology

This kind of rubber is the new invention of Giant Dragon company,the unique Trampoline Tension Technolgy makes the rubber and sponge with high tension like trampoline,makes rubber can either absorb the attacking balls or spring it way! It is the type with inner energy and it’s the best choice in the VOC-free glue period!

Speed: 14
Spin: 11.5
Control: 8.5
Hardness: Medium Hard

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