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Favero Micro8/8B Time Accounting System for Table Tennis

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MICRO8 /8B Art.708/8B
Timer clock/tariff meter for bowls lanes with control of the jacks.


The MICRO8 /8B is an already assembled machine, ready to be fixed to the wall, which includes a timer clock/tariff meter model MICRO8 and the control of 8 bowls jacks.
The MICRO8 /4B is different only in that it controls 4 jacks instead of 8.
The detailed characteristics of the timer clock/tariff meter MICRO8 /8B (programming of the tariffs, management of the totaliser etc.) are described in the MICRO8.
The working is very simple:
By taking one jack from its container, the automatic counting for the corresponding number is started.
When the jack is re-placed in the container, the counting stops and the operator can visualise the amount to be paid, which is automatically calculated based on the time tariff and the game time length.
The machine is pre-disposed for the connection of the CONTROL-LAMP accessory, which is useful for automatically commanding the start up of an electrical charge, such as for the illumination of the lane or the electronic scoreboard, when a lane is being counted.


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STIGA Superior Competition 18mm