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Favero Play40 Digital Score Board

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PLAY40 (Art.355, Art. 355T, Art. 355D)
Electronic multisport scoreboard (150 x 98 cm) for great gyms and sporting centres. For basket, volley, 5-aside, handball, ecc.


Art.355 - PLAY40 with only keys console and without display
(console cable 30m)

Art.355T - PLAY40 with infrared remote control
(console cable 30m)

Art.355D - PLAY40 with console display
(console cable 60m)


PLAY40 with only keys console and without display (Art.355)
Shown functions

Scores: from 0 to 199 on left and right-hand sides. Digits height of 30cm, readable clearly up to 90m and beyond.

Set/Bonus/Fault: one figure on right and left-hand side setable from 0 to 9 or passed away. Height of the figure is 20cm, clearly readable up to 60 m and beyond.

Possession/Priority/Turn: bright stitch on the home or local side or passed away.

Chronometer: maximum 99 minutes and 59 seconds. Digits height (30cm) readable clearly up to 90m and beyond. Timer programmable and choice of the mode on or to back. Visualization of the tenth of second in the last minute of count. Such function can be excluded. The colour of the two bright stitchs placed between minutes and second, shows in a clear and immediate way the state of the chronometer: Green = count in progress, red = stop. An acoustic signal (which can be disabled) warns about the expire of the time.

Periods: a figure from 0 to 9, or extinguished. Digits height (20cm) clearly readable up to 60m and beyond.


Keyboard with big and coloured keys, very strong and reliable. Each key span-life runs over 3 million of operations.
The keyboard is supplied with a 50m long cable with a connectors on both ends, for a comfortable disconnectedness of the keyboard or of the scorer.
The possible lenghtening of the cable up to 150m is easy to be built since the cable has only 3 wires.
Acoustic signaller. It is used a car horn (loud intensity of 120dB at 1 meter).
Besides signaling automatically the count of the chronometer run out, the horn can also be manually controlled. The use of horns instead of the air compressed trumpet avoids the possibility of confusing the itself one with the air compressed-trumpets that can be driven by the audience.
Inscriptions adhesive are available in (LOCALI-OSPITI) Italian, (HOME-GUEST) English, (HEIM-GÄSTE) German, (LOCAUX-VISITEURS) French and (LOCALES-VISITANTES) Spanish. Specify in the order the wished tongue.
The installation is very simple. Inserting the plug is enough and the tables is already to be used.
It is supplied with suitable thin chains that allow, not only an easy fixing to wall or at ceiling, but also the possibility to easily change the inclination of the scorer to obtain the best possible visibility. The installation guide is enclosed.
Strong container in metal painted to dust. Antireflex plexiglass use.
Scoreboard: width 150cm, height 98cm, depht 7cm.
Keyboard: width 14cm, height 15.5cm, depht 3.5cm.
Total weight: 34.5kg.
Power supply: 230Vac, 50-60Hz, 120VA MAX.
Is also available the version 115Vac.


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